Poem #189

How many lives have you
started tomorrow?
How many lies have you told
yourself to postpone the final
stepping into everything you want to be?
Don’t live in pain and in the fear
of the unknown. Step into everything you
are meant to be.

When you make a mistake you will hurt
but this life you’re living is hurting you too.

Poem #184

I was looking tonight for a song that
will perfectly depict how I feel and make
me let it all out. Some sweet melody to
bring on the tears that are suffocating me,
to get rid of the lump in my throat but not
a single beat came close to describing it.

In the end I was able to sum it all up in
a simple sentence: Broken in need of healing
And so the waterfall began, the healing
came streaming down my face.

Poem #182

If you feel nothing
in the moment when you cross every
boundary, erase all lines
does it mean you did it for the right reason
or that you just went numb and managed
to mute the voice of your conscience?

Poem #181

Between reason and love I chose
love every time and every time
without a doubt I fell hard.
And I loved every second of my
body hitting the ground because it
was done for the only thing
worth fighting for in life.

Poem #178

I placed a very big burden of your shoulders.
I needed you to love me for who I am and I
needed you to love me because I wasn’t
capable of loving myself.
Healing myself now hurts not only because
I need to mend the broken pieces and learn
how to love myself again but also because
I was foolish enough thinking you will be able
to carry that burden until I heal.
The moon is my guide and always will be.
It’s time now for this wolf to lick her wounds in solitude.