What can love do

What can love do when I was your mistake?
What can love do when one loves and to the
other one it’s all the same?
What can love do when she goes away?
What can love do if it lost its way?

When the silence steps in you only feel
the walls of this room coming closer to you
and there’s no way out. When you can’t go back
and you feel trapped tell me so I know – what can
love do when I don’t feel the same about you?

There is nothing here, no pain and no fear.
Every feeling just disappeared out of my reach.
What can love do when my heart doesn’t beat the same?
I don’t want to hurt you and bring you pain but I
see that every time I’m near you want to burst into tears.

Tell me where to go and tell me what to do. Tell me
how I can make it up to you! I know I broke you to pieces but
please show me what turn I am supposed to take so you don’t
have to see my heartless face again.

All the roads are empty and dark, full of sadness
and there are no guidelines, there is nothing here. Guess
that emotionless shells like me don’t know what the right way is.
Guess I don’t know what right or wrong is since I let you slip
between my fingers and you are the best thing life gave me.

Once again I want to say I’m sorry, you deserve someone
capable of love, someone that’s not like me.
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Love remains

Silence! Don’t you understand?
Sometimes we don’t need words.
Silence! Don’t you realize?
Silence is my soul’s relief now.
Silence! Don’t you feel it?
You’re carrying our love’s remains on your lips.

Everything we had is a memory now.
Why even try, we ran out of time.
Everything burned down, everything is ash and
everything is swallowed by this great dark.
The only thing I hear beating in the corner of this room
are the remains of love.

Why? Give me an answer!
When did everything crash down?
Why? Tell me the truth!
Why did you go without saying goodbye?
Why? Explain it to me now!
Why did you sell me all those lies?

Don’t look for me anymore, I got lost in
that dark place called the past. They call me crazy,
they call me insane, they call me the collector
of love remains.

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