Love remains

Silence! Don’t you understand?
Sometimes we don’t need words.
Silence! Don’t you realize?
Silence is my soul’s relief now.
Silence! Don’t you feel it?
You’re carrying our love’s remains on your lips.

Everything we had is a memory now.
Why even try, we ran out of time.
Everything burned down, everything is ash and
everything is swallowed by this great dark.
The only thing I hear beating in the corner of this room
are the remains of love.

Why? Give me an answer!
When did everything crash down?
Why? Tell me the truth!
Why did you go without saying goodbye?
Why? Explain it to me now!
Why did you sell me all those lies?

Don’t look for me anymore, I got lost in
that dark place called the past. They call me crazy,
they call me insane, they call me the collector
of love remains.

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