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New Years Vlog

Hello everyone! 

Today is December 31st which is the last day of this shitty, shitty year. A lot has happened and still is happening and this night, the midnight, going from 2020 to 2021 will not change anything but it’s good to have hope and work hard to make 2021 an overall better year for the whole world. 

I decided to film a little vlog for all of you, I actually filmed this in the morning on the day of the earthquake.

After what has happened in Croatia, I didn’t think that I will be editing and posting this because I am still struggling with fear and my nerves after the earthquake. Editing this vlog for a few hours actually helped me to get my mind off of everything and away from the news so I decided to post it. I hope you are going to like it and subscribe to my channel. In the description of the video, you can find the link with all of the information on how to donate to the victims of the earthquake, if you are interested in that. I will actually leave the link here as well:

I hope you are all well, safe and happy and that we will all have a good 2021!

I love you all and thank you for another year!

Sending love and positive vibes

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New Youtube video

Hello everyone!

As I said, I will start posting to YouTube regularly and it is finally happening. Since my blog is reserved for yours and mine writing, I decided to move my other passion to Youtube. I am a girly girl when it comes to clothes, I love the smell of a fresh delivery early in the morning so I decided to share this on my YT channel.

I know the male part of my audience might not understand this, but the girls know what I am talking about. I hope you will enjoy my videos, rants etc. and that you will subscribe.

The new video is up and you and you can find it on the following link:
Also, don’t forget to check out my first video which was a vlog:

I think I will be uploading a rant video soon to my channel, because your girl Luna got scammed out of her money today! So stay tuned for that as well.

Have a better and scam-free week. I am too embarrassed to go into details now, but I hope I will be able to film all about this scam once I stop hating myself for falling for this bullshit.

Anyways, thank you guys for all the support!
Sending love and positive vibes

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Summer Festival


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I just loooove the festival season! From Friday to Sunday I went to a summer festival in a town nearby. I was there with my friend Unicorn Diary Blog and Marta. I don’t have a lot of pictures to show because I just had so much fun that my phone was the last thing on my mind. For three days I just slept, ate and danced and it was awesome. Just what I needed. The bar in which I was with my friends had the street closed, the DJ was out in the open, there were dancers and everyone danced out on the street under an open sky. It was just awesome!

Now regarding my outfits – I know a lot of you are just like: “Why the f*** is she wearing booties?”
I have an explanation. I’ve been going to this festival for 4 years and one year I went wearing flats and a piece of glass got stuck in my foot. When I got home there was a blood bath in my shoe so since that year I just dread wearing flats or anything that isn’t leather to this festival. Since sandals were out of the option I went with my BCBGeneration heels that are also awesome for dancing. They just give so much support and are extremely comfortable. I decided to wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts because it wasn’t really hot during the night and I’m the type of idiot that gets a cold during the summer so I had to keep myself warm.

Hope you all had a great weekend, I know I did, and let me know what’s your favorite part about the summer. Kisses!

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