Poem #223

The biggest mistake you can make is
thinking you can make a difference by
changing those around you.
Start today.
Start with yourself.
Start where you are.
Control your little part under the blue sky.

Poem #217

I always have to stay up late
when I need to write.
The night is dark, mysterious and
intimidating just like my demons
so when the sun isn’t out they
come out and play a game of
words with my hands.

Poem #216

You left a big question mark in my head
and you’re depriving me of the answers to save face.
You misinterpreted everything I said just to
keep the situation moving in the direction you like
and that direction is as far away from the mess you left
in my brain. Run. Just run away. That’s what you do best.
I hope regret and guilt keep you warm at night since
you traded me for them.

Our new picture!

Hello guys!

I decided to switch the main picture of the blog because I really wanted Olivia (my typewriter) to be in the pic. I’ve placed the first one right away when I went Premium and changed the blog theme but I never really liked it. I think this one is better. I wish I had someone around who was better at photography because I have a bunch of picture ideas, but can’t realize them on my own. Anyways, do you like it?


Poem #215

I was the rose you threw to cry over a withered garden.
You didn’t notice I disappeared. For you, nothing changed.
I had light, you flipped the switch.
You want the best for you, told me I wasn’t on the list.
Pain is just a fuel and you gave me plenty.
At least you left me with something other than regret.