The Weeding

I went to my cousin’s weeding this weekend and it was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed spending some time with my family and my little nephew.  So, I don’t know how you do it in other countries and what your traditions are but let me explain a bit about the Croatian traditions. So firstly, some of the guests, mostly the closer family, attend a reception at the groom’s house.

There’s a lot of food, drinks, singing and dancing. Afterwards all of us get into our cars and drive to the bride’s house where another reception is being held. The same thing goes on there. When the bride’s reception is over we go to church and then to the real weeding reception where we have diner, dance, sing and have a great time with our family.

The bride looked amazing. I couldn’t stop looking at her because she was like a princess. Also my little nephew went with us but only to the groom’s reception and yes he did wore a suit. Here are some pictures of the weeding and the weekend that nearly killed me. When I came to Zadar I could barely keep my eyes open and I had to do a presentation for Monday. Well, I’m the one to blame for doing everything last minute haha

weeding dress family nephew fun mommy weeding party church drink weeding reception family

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