Poem #65

You ask her why she puts on so much makeup
and why she spends so much money on
getting her hair done and why she’s always
buying new dresses and wearing heels.

She tells you it’s because she wants to look
pretty for you. She even paints her nails in
your favorite color and wears that lingerie
you like and twists and breaks her body just
so it could fit into your arms.

Let me now tell you what she’s actually saying.
She does it so that she would be prettier than
the girl you check out while you’re taking her to dinner.
She does it so that she would look better than
the girl sending you pics in your DM.
She does it in hopes you will spend every night
only with her and not the girl that you undress
every Friday night in that cheap hotel.

She knows you aren’t worth it but she loves you
so much that she is crazy enough to put on a facade
every day just to keep you in her life. She is just
doing so much for someone who can’t even
appreciate the treasure he has.

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A sky full of stars


zadar lanterns outfit

Yesterday was a great day! During the day I’ve studied and made some food but later in the evening I got all dressed up and went to the city. Every year in Zadar we let lanterns go for a humanitarian cause and we did it this year as well. I can’t even describe how beautiful it was and how alive the city was.

I had problems with my lantern. It’s actually a pretty embarrassing story. It was my first time doing it and I didn’t set that paper thing on fire well so it took a bit longer for the lantern to get filled with the hot air and it was filling up pretty unevenly so when I let it go it almost ended up in a kid’s head. His father was holding him up on his shoulders and as the lantern went up it almost hit him. I was so embarrassed. Thank God there was a man much taller than me (I’m only 164 cm) who caught the lantern and made it go the opposite direction. I am still embarrassed.

Later I went to the movies with my friend. You can already guess the movie we were watching – Fifty Shades Darker. I’m going to be honest and say that the movie didn’t impress me. I wasn’t impressed with the first part either but still wanted to check out the second part. I thought that the movie is going to be more intense because of the trailers but it was actually pretty dull. I don’t regret watching it but I still believe that the movie should have been so much better.

Anyway that’s all about my Saturday. I have to get down to studying because I have an exam tomorrow and then another one on Friday and then my semester starts. Fun, fun, fun! NOT!

Love you all, xo!

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Summer Festival


outfit selfie blogger

cocktails dj dancer dance

I just loooove the festival season! From Friday to Sunday I went to a summer festival in a town nearby. I was there with my friend Unicorn Diary Blog and Marta. I don’t have a lot of pictures to show because I just had so much fun that my phone was the last thing on my mind. For three days I just slept, ate and danced and it was awesome. Just what I needed. The bar in which I was with my friends had the street closed, the DJ was out in the open, there were dancers and everyone danced out on the street under an open sky. It was just awesome!

Now regarding my outfits – I know a lot of you are just like: “Why the f*** is she wearing booties?”
I have an explanation. I’ve been going to this festival for 4 years and one year I went wearing flats and a piece of glass got stuck in my foot. When I got home there was a blood bath in my shoe so since that year I just dread wearing flats or anything that isn’t leather to this festival. Since sandals were out of the option I went with my BCBGeneration heels that are also awesome for dancing. They just give so much support and are extremely comfortable. I decided to wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts because it wasn’t really hot during the night and I’m the type of idiot that gets a cold during the summer so I had to keep myself warm.

Hope you all had a great weekend, I know I did, and let me know what’s your favorite part about the summer. Kisses!

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Ice Age: Collision Course




finding doryfinding dory movie

Blouse: H&M / Skirt: Monki / Shoes: Roberto / Purse: Deichmann

Yesterday I’ve had a fun night out with my blogger friend Isabella (her blog is Unicorn Diary). We’ve been planning to go to Zagreb to the cinema since we were in Zadar on our little vacation. We watched Ice Age: Collision Course. I might be 20 but cartoons are my thing. The movie was hilarious, we really had a lot of fun and we also have our favorite characters which are Granny and Sid.

The cinema is located in a shopping mall so we went to buy our tickets first and then we went to McDonalds to eat something. We did our best to stay away from any shops because we lack self control when it comes to shopping. We were such children that we actually went into the Finding Dory booth just to get some pictures  #adults.  After the movie we drove home and had a drink. That’s pretty much it for my Saturday night. What did you guys do?

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Sunday Funday

nephew pancake family food

On Saturday, my birthday, the weather was just awful. It was cold, windy and rainy so I’ve spent my birthday recovering from the previous night out with my girls. Yesterday my mum and sister took me out to eat pancakes and celebrate my birthday. Of course that my little nephew was also there to make my day. You see the pictures very well so I don’t think I need to say how good the pancakes were.

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My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and I’ve had two celebrations. One was in Zadar in June and one was this Friday with my friends in my hometown Zabok. On both parties I’ve had so much fun and I just love my friends so much!

In Zadar I celebrated my birthday with my friend Ivana. Before the party both of us went shopping, bought each other presents and bought the food and drinks for the party. We had a private party in Ivana’s apartment and later we were supposed to go out but I just couldn’t because the exams were still going and I was just too tired to go out and dance so I skipped that part.



selfie time duckface

If you ever wanted to know what a cake with 40 candles looks like, here it is. It looks like a fire on a plate. We both turned 20 and we wanted to have 20 candles for each of us.birthday cake

Vana needs a standing ovation for her photobombing skills.photo bomb ootd

In Zabok I celebrated with Isabella, Jana and Marta. We drank some cocktails, ate some pizza and then drank some more. i haven’t been with them for a long time and I just had so much fun just talking to them. We really had a lot to say after all that time.

car selfiecocktails wine pizza selfie

She got her new shoes dirty and was checking to see if they were alright. She doesn’t normally sit like this.fun

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The Weeding

I went to my cousin’s weeding this weekend and it was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed spending some time with my family and my little nephew.  So, I don’t know how you do it in other countries and what your traditions are but let me explain a bit about the Croatian traditions. So firstly, some of the guests, mostly the closer family, attend a reception at the groom’s house.

There’s a lot of food, drinks, singing and dancing. Afterwards all of us get into our cars and drive to the bride’s house where another reception is being held. The same thing goes on there. When the bride’s reception is over we go to church and then to the real weeding reception where we have diner, dance, sing and have a great time with our family.

The bride looked amazing. I couldn’t stop looking at her because she was like a princess. Also my little nephew went with us but only to the groom’s reception and yes he did wore a suit. Here are some pictures of the weeding and the weekend that nearly killed me. When I came to Zadar I could barely keep my eyes open and I had to do a presentation for Monday. Well, I’m the one to blame for doing everything last minute haha

weeding dress family nephew fun mommy weeding party church drink weeding reception family

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