Dross blossoms

I’ll bring you flowers, but they’re no good
I’d give you gardens if I could
that sunflower
I see
with my eyes shut
in dusk hours
I’m the stem
that holds you up
you have me melting
into puddles of sunshine
your pools of azure only meant
for daunting dives divine
I’ll bring you blooms,
but they won’t do
for a woman who
outshines the moon
I’d borrow blossoms, beyond the stars
compared to you, they’re dross and scarred
can I give you flowers?
is a garden too much?
you’ve grown for hours
on my soul and such
I’ll bring you beauty
when I can
since that’s all I’ve seen
when I’ve peered within
– Scott

My name is Scott McLendon, and I’m from southern Alabama. I started writing poetry in high school because it was an easier way to express my feelings to girls than just speaking outright. I have segued my love for writing into a career in journalism. My blog is meanderingmclendon.wordpress.com and this poem is called dross blossoms.

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