The secret life of Silence

The wind picks up
every sound,
background never heard before
like leather
breaking down in my sandal
and the pull of blood
from each heartbeat,

the woodpecker’s glide
over the house when he stops
beating his wings.

I turn off the furnace
unplug the fridge
kick the orchid out of the room.

Still, I hear snow
melting in the sun
and the girl next door
who knows
she will leave home
– © T.L. Murphy –

Hi, I’m T.L. Murphy. I’m am a carpenter and a home builder,  a skier, a husband, a father and a grandfather,   I’ve been writing and publishing poetry for more than 40 years. No books yet but working on it.  I live in Alberta Canada on the edge of Banff National Park in the east slopes of the Rocky Mountains. Visit my blog @

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