My great wall

I have walls up, down
To my left and right
All around me.

I have learned to become an architect.
In my past, I’ve been wracked.
People had come to my little village.
The came and left a mess.

Before I had no walls.
Now I have built one.
Its range goes as far as you sight can see
Its walls are as tall as the sky.

Before people they would come and go.
Now no one can enter my village.
My land has been empty of visitors
For years.

I have put up walls
Because you broke my heart.
Because not just once but twice.
Not only you but others too.
People entered my little village
And destroyed it.

My heart was the village.
The walls built to protect my village.
The bricks I used to build, were made up of…
Attitude, Distrust
Disappointment, Hurt
Prejudice, Pain
And Ignorance

The great wall now surround me.
The wall made my love grow cold.
The village lights no longer shine.
My heart has become darkened.

A brilliant architect I was.
I build a wall around my heart
To protect my heart from hurt and pain.
The wall that I build became my destroyer.
No longer can I feel, love, trust, or live.

People are not all bad.
I will build a new wall.
Built from all that good,

My wall will be strong and immovable.
It will guard my heart and soul.
From the invaders.
From my enemies.
From those who mean my village harm

My name is kindness shikwambana, I was born and raised in South Africa. If i had one word to describe myself it woud be kind, that pretty sums it up. I have love food, my friends can testify on that believe me. One of the things I most love doing is meeting new people even though im pretty shy at times. Getting to hear, learn and building friendships. One of my highest value is family: building friendships that last forever. I only recently started blogging late this year.

The name of my blog is Anotomy of Truth

And my website is

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