A lonely bird flying in my chest
Pecking my memories, flying back to its nest
Heaping them for the winter, about to come
I am walking down the lane
To see the sun about to set
Kissing those remaing sunlight, breathing their last
I remember that window and its glass
Reflecting your face in my eyes
Now left in me are just deep down sighs
I keeping laughing when I cry
Don’t know this smile, bringing down the tears
You never came to rescue, when my heart was burning
Not your fault, because you never knew
My words are left in a grave of my heart
Sometimes I visit them and stand for a while
Again I would see that lonely bird searching for memories
I am now habitual with the pain of separation

Hi, I am salman wani. I write poems, expressing my feelings and emotions in my words. Hope you would like my work

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4 thoughts on “Separation

  1. Thank you…. and so grateful of you

  2. Luna, your words are too good!

    1. Salman wrote this, not me. But I agree, the poem is too good. Make sure to check out Salman’s blog and to even submit a poem yourself for the Poetry Bar 😉

      1. Yeah yeah, you got me. And sure I will see to it. Thanks!

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