Something innately is telling me
Not to go out searching, to wait
I still glimpse ever now and then
Faint fragments in my current present
Of a life for me that might’ve been
Had I turned right, instead of left
When facing- that great divergence
Had I known more than I really did
I’m unsure I would’ve even opted
To go another way- in hindsight
Such is the ghost of a maze in life
And not often thought of, simply
Was the chance to backtrack steps
Maybe to a different intersection
Life afford so many, unknowingly
Always believing it is best forwardly
Because everyone else has done so
Never thinking they too had failed
Peregrination’s veil truth’s reality
When the focus is too narrowly seen
Then again maybe we- didn’t change
Our life trajectory that’s yet to hit
Perhaps I would have been found
In a deeper darkness or maybe by love
That came and saved my foolish heart
From all its tragic scaring- and hurt
Maybe you would’ve been, actively
That question answered in kisses
I so vainly searched for in blindness
Where two paths did become- one
Leading us to loves true nectar bliss
And stolen us- from all the worlds
Cold, cruel and ugly divided…silence

Poet of the Light © 2018

I’m simply an American poet and more can be found- Whispers of a poets heart at

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5 thoughts on “Imperceptibles

  1. Thank you my dear friend, Luna.

    1. You are welcome 😊

  2. Immensely enjoyed each word and love the way you connected emotions. WOnderful piece.

  3. Save the searching for the internet. In real life, don’t search. It’s right in front of you, when you take time to notice. (“you” in general -not specifically ‘you’). Just a thought.. peace

  4. I couldn´t agree more with the other commentator OneLife.
    A raw powerful poem, great read for this new year.

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