Magnum Opus


I have spent sleepless nights
pacing around my room
trying to make sense

of the voices that surround me.

I have filled sheets of paper,
whole journals even
with words meant just for you,
only to end up as

ash blown away by the wind.

What is there to say that has not already
been retold countless of times?
Nothing that comes
spoken from my mouth or written frantically
from the tip of my pen

will ever be good enough for your eyes.

I know you don’t care much for words,
except for the one holy hallelujah
but pagan words are all I have to offer.
So in what order or style
can my words
be put together to ensure

they flow directly to your heart?

How joyous David must have felt
when the lord took notice of his song.
Must I too, be divinely inspired
to strike a sentence worthy of your attention?
It seems to be that way,
I sit here and I pray then,
For words to come down on me

like a bolt of heavenly lighting

And if I manage to capture
that once in a lifetime
combination of words
and I manage to harness them
and channel them
and speak them to you
maybe then and only then
your divine colored eyes

will finally see me

I am convinced
this is the only way
because I know
that godly words were made
for the sole purpose
of being heard by your ears
and yours alone
for you are heaven
personified in the flesh

for this plain and ordinary world

My name is Karen, I am 22 and I am pretty new to blogging and sharing my material and poems. I have been writing since middle school but I only recently started taking my writing seriously and wanting to share. I started this blog a few months ago and I would appreciate any new readers as I do wish to grow my audience. Thanks so much!

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  1. The heart’s unrest beautifully expressed

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