Locked inside her heart

I can’t even remember her name right now
I must have past in the couch again
Where does she went?
She had vanish in the mist
Walked with no eco
Cried without a tearHas she become this playful ghost that turns the light on and off?
Is she the one that closes the door keeping me locked?

I must have past out in the couch last night
I think I can remember her face now
She is the one
The one with the speechless beauty
The one with the eternal glow of perfection
The one with the breathtaking voice of eternal naivety

Is she the shadow that chases me in the dark?
Is she the staring sensation that I feel every night?

I should have never fallen sleep in the couch
I’ve missed all of her beauty
It just slipped between my fingers
All I have left of her crystal delicacy is this cold sensation
Where does the words went?
Where are the poems?
Where are the sonnets?

Is she the demon that I need to cast?
Is she ever going to release me from this curse?

How I wish I can remember her name
Tender light I shall call her
Stormy past I will named her
Love one
Gone one

Is she the one making my bedroom walls bleed?
Is she that dead cold sigh that haunts me when my soul darkened?

Where is she now?
Have I left her to dry?
Maybe my clumsy words crushed her spirit with boredom
Maybe my love was more than impure
Maybe I am still waiting asleep in the couch
Waiting for her
Hunting her
Because I’m just a ghost
Locked inside her heart.

Hi! I’m Lynyo a self-taught/amateur writer from Mexico, I’ll like to share my work with you all and hope you like it… Or at least hate it! Jajajaja Visit me at: http://lynyo.blog

all pictures and contents are original work of mine unless is noted.

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3 thoughts on “Locked inside her heart

  1. What a charming, searching poem

  2. The heart is one of the most desolate places to be locked in, second only to the mind.

  3. Great Piece!! Follow me on IG: @SammytheAuthor. Let’s get connected.

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