Poem #74

This is to the men calling me paranoid:

Every single catcall feels like someone is
using a rusty razor to peel my skin off.
I get tired telling myself to just look forward
and not react while the honk of a car is
tearing through my ears. I beg for them
not to stop, I beg for them to keep driving,
I beg for them not to turn the car around
and try to get me inside and try to get inside of me.

Do you know that the words spoken about
our body and what should be done to it
tears through us like fire through ice?
If we walk the streets at night and someone
comes too close to us, someone tries to take
advantage of us we hear their voices already:
“It was her fault. She shouldn’t walk alone at night”

As if we weren’t free, as if the word female doesn’t
come with any dignity, as if being born with a vagina
makes us inferior, as if we shouldn’t be scared of a
society where rape culture is a thing, a trending
Twitter topic of the week.

This is to the men calling me paranoid: Why did your
kind give me a reason to be like this?

17 thoughts on “Poem #74

  1. Your poem is powerful. Although I am monogamously married and do not do/have not done these things, I thank you for the reminder that my words as a man are tied to this reality of others’ experiences. I thank you for the reminder that I must choose carefully how I use my words with the realization that other people might see others from their past when they first see me.

    I was told by a wise rabbi that repentance is having the same opportunity to do wrong and choosing to do right. I hope my good choices as a man will be a blessing and a movement towards a better world for the women around me.

    1. This was so nice to read! Thank you!

  2. Holy fuck!! The opening.❤️

    1. Glad you like it!

  3. You women are the beautiful flowers in this world. Respect and kindness!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment 😀

  4. Sorry is not enough until rape culture is undone

  5. I wish I could like this a thousand times!

    1. Thank you, I am so glad you like it!

  6. I hated it when I was 8, though I grasped nothing of sexuality really… just the sheer disrespect of privacy and kindness.

  7. Powerfully written.
    Never as a man can I blame a woman for getting all pretty and sexy, dressed up. I like that, so I do blame in this case the male for saying something to the effect that you got raped or they touched you somewhere because you are looking good. I actually, believe it or not, I was drunk as a skunk, got out of the apartment to buy some late night very healthy food, Heard a girl screaming in the bushes, I go by, and I see this guy trying to rape her, I kicked the leaving s..it of that one. I didn´t even waited for the pólice, the guy ran, she was good, I was drunk so out I went to buy the food, healthy food obviously.

    1. We need more men like this!
      Also, if you were drunk you weren’t buying healthy food, you were buying pizza hahaha

      1. actually it was 2 burritos, those ones you can macrowave in the store

      2. Forgot.
        When I tell that story, a true on that is why I say to myself ¨ This shit only happens to me¨. People laugh, so I might been drunk or high on green grass, but the other idiot seems his thing was not the fight business, easily if a guy who knew just a bit of fight techniques in the state that I was he could easily take me out in half a second. Just a pussy guy this one, and a freak, but the burritos where damn good.

  8. Wow! We like to pretend like we’re superior to animals. We’re not. We call ourselves civilized. We’re not.

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