I have a question

Hello world!
I have a little question. I always check out at the end of the day my blog traffic, which posts you like a lot, how many clicks did your blogs get through The Poetry Bar and for a while now I am seeing this blog link as a referrer.

The thing is I can’t access it because I’m not “invited”. It’s some type of a private blog. My curiosity is tormenting me so I just had to ask if some of you came to my blog through that link, can you explain what’s it about or make a little screenshot for me.

My curiosity is burning, hurry up!

Sending love and positive vibes,

8 thoughts on “I have a question

  1. It’s possible it is backlink spam.

  2. I found you on WordPress reader. Great poetry. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Also found via WordPress Reader. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  3. Ha good question! Odd why would someone create a blog, use someone else poem… and then that supplier cannot see it.

    I suspect that person is maybe not aware of any of this. So maybe you can find a way to contact this person?

    In any case i will try to see what i can find the moment i am back at my laptop. Doing some professional digging is not that easy on instable shopping mall wifi and touch screen android phone.

    Could u post ur finding here so we.now the deal? Is it error setting of user or is it maybe “work in progress” or is it really a private closed club where one needs to be invited? And how much will it cost us to become member there? (kidding)



    1. Thank you for being so invested in my quest of figuring out what this link is! It’s always good to have support

  4. Found you when you liked one of my poems, sorry i can’t be of assistance.

    1. Thanks anyway 😀

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