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Write or die

I write or die; all I have are my words
I search my mind for lines selectively
I present to you my unspoken heard

Lay out words organized impeccably
There are days I can hardly lift my head
My soul relies on creativity

There are days I think I’m better off dead
I need you; only you make me feel right
I can’t tell you, so I write you instead

I need you; for your love, I’ll stand and fight
I know I’m a writer, not a fighter
I need you; for your love, I’ll sit and write

The world is dark; words can make it brighter
Write till I die; then be a ghostwriter;

I write sci-fi for kids and the kid in adults. I do so under the persona of Nobbinmaug, who is an alien. You can read about him on my blog. I feature stories and character biographies. I also write joking rants about the strange things humans do from the point of view of an alien. I’ve only recently added poetry to my repertoire. I like writing in different styles. Sometimes my poems are dark and depressing. Sometimes they’re fun and whimsical. I sometimes conform to specific styles like the above terza rema. Sometimes I devolve into simple prose. Sometimes I write poems about or from the point of view of my alien characters. Come over for a visit. The coffee’s free… if you bring your own.


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