Way with hearty words

I must have a word with you,
When the outside is dark and damp,
When the inside looks dim and swamp,

When I can find but, just one view.

What have you to do with me?
I cannot say nor feel at all,
I do not claim I can stand tall,

But I say this, I control my chi.

So, rise beyond the tiny speck of fires,
Rise above every tiny desire,
Move to the heights as if in leisure,

Move beyond these mighty lairs.

You have to learn to laugh,
You have to learn to cry,
Being brave is not being dry,

It means you stand tall and tough.

Who you can become in dark,
Whom you obey to make light,
Till you can no more fight,

Keep moving, sailing, singing as the lark.

Fight yourself, fight the world,
With the wings of an eagle,
With the wings of the sea gull,

Climb a golden throne and herald,

wield the sword, for no man is good,
Harm not yet, for no man is bad,
Look up at the blue sky, like you’re mad,

and buy yourself a huge hood.

Not everyone gives and shares the yield,
Many hide and will harm you for a penny,
For this was made a world for many,

Yet remember, you are your shield.

Remember that life runs across the green field,

In a heart so pure and a mind to build.

I don’t know if it’s essential but it goes like this, poetry and painting is something I have done since I was a kid, only to be working in the recent times for something else which does not interest me mostly. Thus, as I quit, I once again had a desire to write a few, before I move on with anything else in life. A wanderer and wandering soul as it has not found a home yet.
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8 thoughts on “Way with hearty words

  1. I loved reading this poem!! 🙂 Antitheses; for example, “No man is good; no man is bad,” were so interesting. 🙂

  2. Oh man, what a poem! Loved the way the words were weaved. Also, just wanted to check. I sent a poem a few days back, “Cold Wind”. Did you receive it?

    1. Yes I did. You will get an email notifying you when your work gets published in The Poetry Bar

      1. Cool, thanks for this opportunity!

  3. ☺️ thank you…Luna for posting my work…it was indeed a privilege…thank you for all the comments… I would be humbly accepting them

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