Like There is No Tomorrow

Allow me  to hug you a little bit longer
And my embrace to get a tad more stronger
Allow my fiery breath to blaze your neck,
Embedding  a footprint I was on deck,
Allow me to feel your heart pulse,
Harmonizing to the rhythm with no repulse,
Allow my tears to wet your back,
As they may form a map, to find your way back,
Allow my arms to lock you in my space,
A paradox, a never-ending phase,
Allow me to take in your scent,
And in my memory, you my dear I will cement,
Allow our skins to mesh into a weave,
Fashioning a labyrinth that can’t be un-weaved,
Allow our eyes to lock once more,
As I stare into your being ,your core,
Allow me to prove my love today,
As tomorrow may never find the day,
And as hard as it is to say goodbye,
Darling spread your wings  and fly.
Though I would  have liked some more smiles
The future grants no definite ‘Ayes’,
Cause truth is we  leave on borrowed time,
And ignorance to this  is but a crime,
So my dear darling,
As much as am stifling,
I beg you to let me,
Tightly embrace thee,
Promise  I’ll  let  free,
Cause as long as I breathe,
You I will en-sheath,
In  a cocoon  full of my love,
Cause you are rare treasure I have,
And I will hold you, like there is no Tomorrow,

My name is Irungu Grace. I live in kenya.I love to write. I write  mostly fictional and poetry. I love to capture the essence of being human and translate diffrent situations and feelings into writing.

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4 thoughts on “Like There is No Tomorrow

  1. What an emotional love piece. Your art is refined ..

  2. Loved it to pieces.. And wanted the words to hold me a little longer..😍😍😍

  3. Beautifully written! Visual and heartfelt!

  4. Incredible, I want to keep the words in my pocket and read it again during the day. (:

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