Some Days

Some days
Your hands itch for a blade
Desperate for a way out
Sharpness meets the tip of your skin
And as subtle as the wind
A question comes echoing
It asks out of fear
Of what comes next and what you’ll leave behind
It haunts and doubts your yearning
So slowly,
Out of bitterness
You put the blade down

Some days
You stand on the edge of a height
Eager to meet the ground
The hard wind comes and wobbles your step
You raise one of your feet
And as wavering as the wind
Your loved ones come flashing by
They spark the happiness you once had
And they beg of you to step down
So slowly,
Out of frustration
You step down the ledge

Some days
In your hand are little pills
They amount enough for one to fade
Longing for the quiet solitude
You brace yourself to swallow them
And as strong as the wind
A warning comes taunting you
Reminding you of your worth
And the long life ahead you deserve
A whisper of hope so loud
You recognise the voice as yours
So slowly,
Out of disappointment and relief
You let the tablets scatter on the floor

You’ll realise
These little flickers
That ignite within you during the hardest of times
They were never slices of cowardice
They were there to be heard
You’ll thank these little flickers
That ignite within you during the hardest of times

Hello! My name is Valerie, I’m 18 years old, and I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia. I put my thoughts into words every once in awhile to destress.

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5 thoughts on “Some Days

  1. That’s a great poem, thanks for sharing Luna.

  2. Yes…those words had to he heard of.

  3. This is easily the best I saw on this blog

  4. The imagery is amazing for such a young author! Loved reading this.

    1. thank you so much

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