Rainbox Colored Teddy Bear

For a long time, the sky made me feel lonely.
When I held your hand while we would laugh, what were we scared of?
Bear, open my heart!
Open Ranka!
The flowers bloom in the city and the stones turn into candy.
My handkerchief turns into a little bird.
The love of a lost little girl spans the rainbow.
It will reach you, I know it!
A little girl’s courage will survive.
My life puts stress on my heart.
The weight of the future I measured is a deep red.
I have to do my best in life.
In my heart is what I’m looking for.
Bear, open my heart!
Open Ranka!
My uniform turns into a dress.
An ocean is in my purse that throws everything into the desert and I will play with the dolphins in the forest.
The rhythm as I walk grants you a wish.
A little girl’s courage will survive.
The piano flies in the sky and stardust turns into notes.
The devils sing and dance in a fairytale.
The miracle of love will cross the rainbow and reach you and reach you.
A little girl’s courage will survive.

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7 thoughts on “Rainbox Colored Teddy Bear

  1. Love that opening line: the sky made me feel lonely. I was raised in WY and the skies are so big and blue and I loved them, but never thought how they could make someone feel lonely until I read that. Good work.

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    1. The reason for that is in Macross Frontier, Ranka had no friend in the world until she was adopted by a man and brought aboard a ship full of different races of people in space looking for a new planet to call home. She really loved to sing and listen to music by a popular singer named Sheryl Nome. One night, she was walking home from one of Sheryl’s concerts when she suddenly attacked by an alien. Just before she was struck down, she was saved by a young pilot in training and then by the man that she called her brother. This causes her brother to get injured and so she and the pilot had to get away by somehow defeating the alien. There was one drawback with Ranka though, whenever she sings it causes the aliens to attack the ship. She’s a really good singer though. When she sang, she was to take others minds off what was happening and they have a really great time.

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