On That Poolside

She got lied
And got laid
Once full of pride
But that died
On that poolside

Hard she tried
To make it a good ride
But she failed
And on that poolside,
Everything was untied
A bed of lies she’d lied

He left in a glide
He left and he flied
He left and she fried
She lost her ride
And lost her pride
When he decried.
For her investments, she cried
Money for the tours worldwide
A home in the countryside
All these were nullified.
In one single episode,
On that poolside.

Her eyes she wiped
She became red-eyed
As they watched, glassy-eyed
She then realized
On that poolside
During that noontide
That her stomach, and sodium cyanide
Could be of help when allied!
–  Jamin Clement

I’m Jamin Clement, a Kenyan student and Story-teller. Among the many things that I’m passionate about, writing tops the list. I discovered my love for writing and reading back then when I was fourteen and since then, I’ve been doing it the best way I can. Get my articles @ j4min.wordpress.com

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2 thoughts on “On That Poolside

  1. “She got lied
And got laid…”
    So much said with six words. Strong!

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