Life in Eldoret City

If you a fish lover,
A walkaway,
From business district,
Kwa Samaki is the place,
Enjoy fish with ugali,
‘Laked’ delicacy,
Every retail outlet,
Food joint,
Sell Mursik,
Cloud 9 play good music,
Ravine road enter the highway,
At Poa Place,
That recreational palace,
Cultural centre,
Swimming centre,
To the north,
Sits Munyaka,
Walking or driving,
You climb upward,
Past the railway line,
Kipchoge stadium,
Alpax college,
School of higher learning,
Past European cemetery,
To places far away,
Like Iten,
Place near like University of Eldoret,
And California,
At middle city,
Loud music play at shops,
There’s no order,
Bus stops,
All over the highway,
And footpaths,
Side by side,
Walk lovebirds,
Near the town hall,
The city clock,
Tick tock,
To eternity,
While masses walk fast,
Champions run fast,
Streets kids play,
While the city askaris,
Chase their parents,
Helter skelter,
To the south,
Kisumu ndogo,
And the famous Langas,
That’s past the Eldoret National Polytechnic,
Off there you can swim,
At Starbucks,
Or sing and dance your heart out at Marriott,
Uptown hosts a thousands souls,
Drainage is faulty,
And sewerage is linking,
Paths smell nasty,
But she,dances the street kid,
While KVDA reigned in the heights,
For sometime,
The skyscraper past the Cathedral stand tall,
And bold,
It watches all over,
The National Library is a walkaway,
From City Hall,
And Zion mall,
City is quiet on Sunday,

I’m Kiptoo Obadiah a Kenyan from Eldoret City,Uasin Gishu County. I’m passionate with poetry,writing and travelling.

I started writing and spoken word way back in high school but didn’t succeed. My poems are informed by life experiences, travel experiences, fantasy and beauty if life and nature.

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