The Dark-Eyed Goddess

Grace in step, from heaven beam the eye
All the world, may seem but fit to lie
In sullen ground, to wax a child’s cry
Yet lift above, to reach a woman’s smile

Ring no bells, no favour or duty holds
Her earnest gift, from creditor who folds
His modest back, in manners civilization told
From desert springs, flooded basin of the Nile

An image ideal, crushes in colossal glare
From Medusa turns, mortal failings in seething lair
Wrothful indulgence, rotting when exposed to air
Whited sepulchre, in a moment seeps all the vile

Cross abandoned, pallor sleep of no dreaming
Boring disillusion, a pit of precision reaming
A glancing mirror, holds with horrors teeming
So start again, build the mosaic tile by tile

Polite connection, modest persistence accumulates
Tapestry expansion, nexus grows from particulate
Fitting attraction, select complex and appreciate
Sudden achievement, plucked from attrition’s pile

Can furnace flame, sustain for lifetime gain
In temperate action, renew after gale and rain
Widen and wane, no moment burning the same
But shape unique; strengthen spirit in all her wile

My name’s Stephen. I live in Northern Ireland. I usually write
philosophical poems like this when I get an intimation of something I
can’t fully articulate. Here’s my blog: and I suggest a few of the poems
I’m most proud of on my About Me page here:

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  1. This is beautiful.

  2. Reblogged this on Mirror Gate and commented:
    This is such a wonderful poem!! This deserves a reblog on my part.

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