She Lay There

Grievances were given
Everyone proceeded by
She lay there
The people talked
The people cried
She lay there
Memories of long and close
One in particular just stared
She lay there
She lay there not because of slumber
And not because of death
She lay there
Because she was disparate from the rest
Not in guises—nor in dress
But in awareness and in thought
She was the only one they caught
A fairytale yesterday
A reality today
She lay there invulnerable
She lay there unreachable
She sat up
The people moved back
Sensitive to attack
She had no such designs
They had captured her but she had their minds
What they had seen as lying
What they had assumed sitting up
All that they had assumed
Kept her amused
Because reality had been bent
Their intellects limp
Her uniqueness was elsewhere
And at times neither here nor there
A ghost among ghosts
She lay there
Never once truly stirring when they came too close
She had not set up
They had not played host
It was her domain
It was where they remained
As long as they slept—As long as they lay there
She laid them bare
But as every day ends
Another must begin
And in-between the suns moment of glare
She waited
She lay there

I was born in Ohio in October 1974. After graduating from high school in Indiana, I wandered around the states for a few years playing in bands, you can check out some original music on my blog, before joining the Army as a satellite communications technician. I spent two years with the 101st Airborne, thirteen months in Afghanistan, and two years in Alaska before returning home to Indiana. I was diagnosed with Agoraphobia and Bipolar Manic Depression some years back, and that has opened my eyes to a whole new world of introspection, thought, and way of life. I stay inside a lot with Serica my cat and sometimes walk around the lakes surrounding my house taking my camera and trying to catch some of nature’s beauty and stillness. Of course, I love to read every chance I get, and I am always looking for that next great story.


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  1. This is good.

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