Dear Sub-consciousness
What drives you to whisper
Into my ears
Spying through my thoughts
Flickering my decisions
Of right and wrong
Dear Sub-consciousness
What drives you to bellow
Filling my head with noise
Murdering my conscience
Aligning with my dark storm
Launching your power
Through my worlds
Decaying everything
That had ever lived before
Opening my forbidden doors
So that the demons and fears
Will be unleashed on the low
Land of horrors
That were temporarily forgotten, gore
Filled my islands
Never seen so much violence
But now you did all
Of this so you could be in control
Dear Sub-consciousness
You oscillate my beliefs
Of fake and real
If it’s an ethical oath or a deal
With the devil, meals
Were served on poisoned golden plates
Made of the finest products of venom,
Lies and the Grinch’s sad tears
Feeding them to my thoughts, mere-
Ly a meal, indeed, though it was
A raw material of catastrophe
Greet my wars with killer grins
And insidious hellos
Mixed with undercurrents
Of plans and silent vows
Of revenge and destruction
Say hello
to my sharpest
Weapon, my mind
Alas, it was also
my strongest
Distraction, so many lies
Dear Stranger
Meet my Sub-consciousness
He is in control, I am nothing
But a shell, a martyr, a soldier who’s facing many battles
Yet there’s nothing honorable about my job
My suicidal
Pointless missions
No, this is not addressing depression
This is just a soldier venting
About their scarred memories and hard-earned lessons
So Dear Sub-consciousness
Have we agreed upon
Our limitations
Or will we cross our lines
Like you already have done with mine

Hey there! I’m Nour Lee (obviously) and I’m a writer that passionately writes about problems in general,  but in real life, I can’t take life too seriously. I would appreciate if you stumbled upon my blog at

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  1. Thanks a lot, Luna!

    1. You’re welcome!

  2. Loving your work!

    1. Thanks a lot! Appreciated ☺

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