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A summer day

My fingers’ grip on the pen loosens,
as i write,
fighting against the heat on a hot summer day.
Drops of sweat, trickling down my forehead, tempting me to put the pen down and wipe them off.
A sudden, short lived gush of wind brushes past my sweaty face,
as if teasing me,
forcing me to reminisce about chilly winter mornings.
Heat radiating off my body, getting trapped within my clothes.
I feel the roof of my mouth drying up but the words on the page are all I care about.
It’s a raging battle between the forces of nature and the force of the words being formed in front of me.
I continue fighting, as the intensity of the heat slowly starts decreasing,
the sun starts moving down,
it’s light less blinding, as if retreating from the fight and soon enough, my old friend, the moon shows
The scorching heat, long gone.
I look up, smiling triumphantly,
as the cool wind blows over the pages of my book,
as if greeting me.
And thus another day has passed by,
when my own alternate universe,
made up of something much deeper than words, has taken over.
Hey, I am Aarya Kale. I write about small, insignificant things that we all go through in everyday life and
put them in the mind of the reader from a different perspective.
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