African Son

African son
don’t let the chalice go empty,
get more leaves,
more grains,
burn it all to air,
holy smoke,
let it burn more and more,
African son,
don’t let the cup go empty,
pouring libation,
is sacred,
get more water from the fountain,
gather your guts,
and meditate,
pray with me,
African son,
don’t the granaries go empty,
grow more maize,
gather more fruits,
don’t let siblings
go to bed hungry,
don’t the ancestors,
they’ll be angry,
at the generation,
don’t let’s streams run empty,
grow more grass,
herbal vegetations,
to purify water..

Poet Kiptoo is a 26 year kenyan boy from Eldoret Kenya. My writings are informed of nature,daily life happenings and experiences.

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