Pour more

pour more,
more of rains,
rains of divine water,
rains to regenerate our forests,
pour more,
more rains to cleansed blood stained paths,
rains to germinate the seeds,
pour more,
to feed starved birds of grains,
more rains to fill the dams,
more rains to drowned malice,
deep sea,
more raindrops,
to wash teardrops,
more rains to grow greener pastures,
rains to ordained future,
more rains to fill to brim,
pools of the kids,
more rains to spice nature,
more rains to grow cassava,
more rains to vibe frogs,
they’ve been silent,
pour more,
more rains to grow maize for roasting..
Poet Kiptoo is a 26 year kenyan boy from Eldoret Kenya. My writings are informed of nature,daily life happenings and experiences.

2 thoughts on “Pour more

  1. Hehehehe..this my latest favorite piece…i was looking for your comment reader..Haisuru..hahahahah ‘haisuru’ is kenyan for ‘let it be…’. Have a fruitful next day and good life..

    Liked by 1 person

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