Labels spoken, given, intended,
Causing responses making you look,
Intrinsically judged before even known
All suffer deep down internally.

Lives built on labels, whether told in truth or self-seeking culminations.
We strive aiming for peace, clutching at vapours
Believing in fallacies.

Each and everyone, a poor reflecting facade
To mindful of intrinsic dreams,
we neglect our closest opportunities.

Broken souls, all tainted by poison of the same,
To fearful to speak and learn that we are in great need.

Walls built, masks worn, lives torn, the great long earthly sojourn.

When all is done away with
It’s only love that should truly remain.

©R.J Britten

I am a man who wears clothes, sits in seats, drinks coffee, writes things when my mind creates. Creates things when my mind writes.  I love life, meeting people but also enjoy just listening. We all have stories, and some of the best lessons are taught by thoes who have lived. I’ve only recently begun to express my innermost through poetry. I’m fast finding that writing is a great way to release and encapsulate my emotions in an articulate way. My poems are a reflection of my story; life and experience, the good, bad and In-between. You’ll find me over at:

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  1. This is awe-inspiring! Especially the third stanza 👌

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