Brandon Booth Ballad

Brandon Booth braved his way to the top of The Tower
Just to set his gaze upon Mr’s. Roothe in her shower.
He risked falling and breaking all his bones
To have a sneak peek at her naked body.
When Brandon Booth got to the top of The Tower
He had his camera out, ready to capture her
Though he risked falling and breaking all his bones
By running before she could catch any sight of him.
Brandon Booth thought himself safe when he sneaked
Off The Tower without Mr’s. Roothe having peeked
Him risking falling and breaking his bones
That are already brittle with the weight of age.
But Mr’s. Roothe, clad only in the towel of her rage
Descended the tower steps far too quickly
She risked falling and breaking her bones
Just to change the course of his history.
Brandon Booth thought himself safe after he peeked.
But Mr’s Roothe spoke to the cameras, and they snitched.
So she dialled the police and they drove him to a jail
Where he will spend the next twelve months of his life.
Brandon Booth did not think he’d go to jail,
But the Judge did not even grant him bail
So now he has to risk broken bones
Having been placed in the same cell as Mr Roothe.
Lazarus Shatipamba is a wormy bookworm that rarely ever sees the sun(except through the eyes of many a fictional character). His days are mostly spent stuck between the pages of a good book.
When he isn’t busy gathering dust in the library, then he is most likely writing some poetry(some of which may or may not be fictional)
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