Poor Heart

Oh! wretched poor heart!
Why does thou care for all
those careless heart again and again?
Thou care for those merciless heart
as soft petals of a blooming flower.
Oh!wretched poor heart!
Even after giving so much care.
I see , you receive the unknown thunder
which is as dark as raged cloud
howling in the serene sky.
Oh!wretched poor heart!
Do you believe that love and attention
can be obtained in such unappetizing way?
Your love and care will be fruitful only when
it will get into some gracious heart one day.
Hello, My name is Anisha Das. I am an Economics Honours student,Blogger.
I love to read and write blogs. Photography and watching Bengali art films are my other hobbies. My blog link: https://anishadas17.wordpress.com
Instragram account:@anishadas17
Twitter account:@das17_anisha

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9 thoughts on “Poor Heart

  1. Thank you so much 😊😊

    1. You are welcome!

  2. Love where you put the exclamations! Evokes deep emotion 😊

    1. Thanks😊

  3. Well penned

    1. Thanks😊

  4. Amazing work!

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