The Little Brown Creeper

Each early morn I walk these late winter days,
Listening for the sound that always amaze.
For some the sound of spring is that of the peeper,
But for me it’s the lily of the little brown creeper.

It’s small as a mouse, as it flies from tree to tree,
With mottled coloring that makes it hard to see.
“Please follow me, please.” It says with it’s song.
“Please follow me, please.” to my ear it’s such a treat.

After a long winters cold, one’s soul kinda freezes,
‘Till it’s song comes along on warm summer breezes.
The little song so sweet, let’s the thaw begin,
Causing a smile to come, which lets happiness in.

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My name is Shannon LeRoy. I was born and raised in Wyoming. Now I reside in Maine when I am not traveling around the continent with my husband and our border collie Pearl.
Love and Be Well

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3 thoughts on “The Little Brown Creeper

  1. Nature can be just so inspiring for writers. Hopes for many more like this 🙂

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