OOTD and a small rant

I know that I don’t post a lot of my outfits but it is something I would like to do more often because I really love to dress up every now and then. Today I want to talk…actually rant for a while.

If you’ve been following me for a while or you maybe follow me on Instagram @luna.theblog you can tell that I have a certain style I like. I enjoy wearing skirts, tight dresses etc.

You can bet your ass I was called out several times because of the way I dress when I go out and let me tell you one thing. I dress like that because I feel comfortable in that type of clothing. I am not ashamed to say that it gives me more confidence. To be honest, I don’t have a great, fit body I am trying to show off. I am actually a bit chubby, I got love handles, stretch marks and cellulite but I am okay with that and I am okay wearing an outfit that actually shows all of my imperfections.

The thing is, people get the impression that me, and other girls dressing like this, do that to get guy’s attention. Let me just get this clear – NOT ALL OF US DO THAT. There are some girls who do and that’s also okay. It’s not like guys don’t dress up when they go out. We all do it but girls who wear certain type of clothing are labeled as “sluts” or as girls who are “easy”. This annoys the shit out of me because people get such wrong impressions about others based on their clothes. I dress like this because I can and because I want to. I do it all for me.

Okay, someone can see me out wearing this outfit that’s on the picture. They will immediately call me an attention-seeking slut that just wants to find someone who will pay for her drinks for the rest of the night and then go home with someone. Let me tell you something Judgmental Judy – I have a job, I will pay for my own drinks, I will go home alone, get up in the morning, go to work and live my life the way I want to live it and you should mind your own damn business and let me enjoy my night without you staring at me and commenting.

Stop labeling people. Stop giving them nicknames that are insulting based on the way they dress, walk or talk. Have respect for others or don’t expect any yourself.

I could write a Bible based on this subject but I know a bunch of you won’t feel like reading it so I’ll stop here and pick up in a different post. Have a nice rest of the week!

Sending love and positive vibes,

22 thoughts on “OOTD and a small rant

  1. The Stoic philosophers had a lot to say about this. One of my favorite quotes that I can’t remember word for word at the moment goes something like this: remember that there are stupid people who will say stupid things, and then you will not be angry when they do exactly what you expected.

  2. Exactly , You have pen down it so perfectly. Most of the people have mentality about dressing up like this outfit.

  3. Truly, it shames me that my history is littered with moments of being one of them Judgemental Judy’s (Jack coz I’m a guy), going around judging and summing people up based on the way they dress.
    Yet I feel that I’ve changed for the better because of posts like this, calling me out on my BullShit (excuse my french).
    Don’t get me wrong, I still find myself being drawn to ladies dressed in skirts and tight dresses. But, whereas then I used to label them with tags like ‘ATTENTION SEEKING SLUTS’,
    I now only admire them because they look so stunning and confident!

    1. I am happy to read that you’ve had this change of heart!
      Sending love and positive vibes,

  4. Ooh, I love it – both clothes and post. Ignore those judgmental fools – bet they’ll see a paedophile in a suit and fall on their knees for them. I feel my best wearing less, and all my outfits reflect that. (I always joke that my clothes are so tight, I leave them gasping for air, unable to breathe!!!) Haha.
    People are simply insecure within themselves and trying to poke holes in your confidence. Don’t let them! x

  5. I thought this only happens in the Arab world bcs of a certain clash of opinions …, to be honest they get on my nerves like where did they get the right to judge? Don’t we know how to judge too? And don’t we see stuff we want to judge as well?, don’t mind them that only reflects what kind of a person they are, and I loved your style 💖

  6. I really like the yellow & red outfit.
    Like an exotic bird of paradise 👌

    1. Amen to that!

  7. <3 <3 <3 <3

  8. I will say with kind respect: Very stunning look!

  9. Well said!
    I dream of a world where people will be seen for who they are and not what they are wearing.
    I definitely understand for the confidence it gives you. This is key. And this is all that matters anyway – your pleasure to wear this or that.
    All the rest is complete nonsense.

  10. That skirt looks amazing on you, and its unfortunate someone can’t just dress the way they like without offending someone else because they can’t mind their own business.

  11. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  12. You go girl!!

  13. Wow! This style is amazing and you are rocking it 😵.
    I think you should be allowed to wear what you want – flaunting an attractive image doesn’t do anyone harm 😊.

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