Positivity Press #9

The sun is shining
I woke up today to clouds and rain
I woke to a dismal day
but now the sun is shining
and I can’t find a thing that causes me to complain
because I woke up today
and it was drip dripping so I went back in
and closed the door
But later when I looked back out
the sun was shining
and I couldn’t shove

the smile from my face.

by Philip Wardlow 2018

PS Have a good day yourself  (sun or not)
Blog: https://about.me/philipwardlow

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4 thoughts on “Positivity Press #9

  1. The sun shining is a special treat.
    Thank you for sharing these lovely thoughts today.

  2. Happiness! 💛

  3. Nice poem thank you

  4. Beautiful poem. Now I get it why this is called the Positivity press.

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