the unrepentant girl

I’ve to return to the dark room at once
I have some negatives to make positive
I have to make a future with your canvas
Believe it or not,
I’ll mix each dust of your ashes together
None will be unaccounted for
I’ll make for myself a shape of you
An image of perpetual ridicule
One with two horns and a bleeding tongue
To remind me of how sweet lies are
And how horny deceit looks
Believe it or not,
I will carve all the edges sharp
To remember all the sharp pains my heart felt
And the wounds that won’t heal
It’s enough to believe in love and be trashed
But I won’t be a novice ever again
After I might have drawn a painted image
Of your timeline and memories shared
I’ll forever remember I once met an unrepentant girl

Whose ambition was to break my heart into pieces

Victor Eshameh is a Nigerian historian and heritage expert that fell in love with keeping it short and simple with poetry. My writings are majorly on rights, love, death, and lifestyle. I’m operate a writing and research firm “Giftedminds Writers Firm” you can follow up with my works therein.

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  1. Lovely piece of art!

  2. Powerful and well-expressed. Beautiful poem!

  3. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 wonderfully written

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