Rise above Hate

Be there and don’t let them go
You will reap what what you will sow
And you are here to plough
The soil of this life to prepare your grave
So be there and don’t let them go
It’s the truth that lonliness only befits GOD
Too weak are we to bear its weight
Understand their importance before its late
Alone you have come, alone you will go
But living alone is impossible, you know
An old man needs his son
A toddler his mother
A brother his brother
And heart need hearts around
So abondon agony and pride
Embrace respect and humility
Assemble in the shade of love
You could never earn more beyond your share
Like the counts of breath not surpassing your death
Leave the greed and come along
To hold one another’s hand and rise
Rise above hate! Rise above hate
I am salman wani and I am fond of writing poems. This poem is about a message which to a large extent we all want to promote, so that we could build a better society around us. A human being can’t live alone and need relationships in the life. So maintaining them with love and respect is his utmost success in the life.
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