Get washed away
With tides striding over the shores
What remains
Is just the forgetful grains of sand
And in us remains
The music of those faceless tides

Touching the sole of the feet
Stealing the sand where they rest
My heart almost
leans toward the departing tide
Which drowns back in that massive ocean
My sight gets consumed in her unending stretch
And a kind of wonder
Telling me
What it would be like to travel through
In a hope to find the other end
Similar to the ocean of love
For to travel through
With the same hope
To find the other end
But the footsteps on her shore
Get never washed away
They remain there
Waiting for us
To walk over them again

Hi, I am Salman wani. I write poems. Hope u all will like it and enjoy it.

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  1. So grateful to u….luna

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