The Long Road to Self – Acceptance

 It’s taken me a long time
to know my true worth
to step into who I am
I will not settle
for those who devalue me
or those who refuse to see
past my flaws and pain

Experiences shape us
make us who we are
but the past does not define
who we have to be
I have been through the worst pain
and somehow pushed through

I refuse to settle for
people who judge me
or criticize who I am

It’s taken me a long time
to gain confidence
to be who I want to be
To live life freely
and to try to love myself
Don’t take this away.

Hello! My name is Leah Reeve, I am a 24 year old, full time Sociology major who loves to write! I love being able to full express my thoughts and feelings on paper; it is a therapeutic form of healing for me. Below is the link to my blog, and a poem I’d like to submit! Thank you so much for your time and for this opportunity!

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5 thoughts on “The Long Road to Self – Acceptance

  1. beautiful

  2. That is a very relatable poem.

  3. So beautiful and positive!

  4. A stunning work of art 🔥

  5. Beautiful and inspiring Text!

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