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Cosmic Insight

Can you see me world?
As I jump up into the air
And down onto the cold earth.
I do exist you know, though I am small
And my patience wanes.
So, I crouch downwards to my feet,
Pacing my hands along their smooth surface.
It occurs to me, that I may in fact be
In the grand scale of things, of course I am,
Its only logical.
I hold my head up for a moment,
This air has changed.
As has where I was before I closed
These tired eyes.
I am surrounded by our home,
No, not the world,
The milky way.
Its long arms stretch out,
Skimming the very tip of my nose,
And soon it bathes my entire being
In its stellar ocean of stars.
I understand now, I received the message.
It is not about being noticed,
As we are all already one in
The grand scheme of things.
So, it is not just I, but us.

-Nightly Muse, N

Hello all, I am the DailyMuse! I write to inspire and provoke thought, putting personal introspection and observation into poetry in hopes to build up a creative collection of words.

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We may feel small when we compare ourselves with the universe, but to someone, you will never be small and insignificant. Whether that someone is your mother, your brother, or your lover, you will always be larger than life in their mind 🙂

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