I’ve been here since birth

no longer adapting to the world
and feeling trapped inside this person.
figure me as what i am,
but what they see
is someone hurting.
silly me,
it’s so discerning:
seeing me
in front of curtains.
feeling trapped inside this person.
open windows.
i am hurting.

jump my tears away.
(i’ll jump my fears away)
in hopes of learning.

no love here for they
will not adhere;
will just add fear
to play.

but, no place here today.
so, i just . . . mm . . .
so, i’m just here to stay . . .
Carl E. Webb, II. twenty-four years old. living in Mesquite, TX. pouring reveries onto pages, hoping to ease the woes of those that witness.
on my blog, you will find some thoughts, some lessons, some pains, some joys, in the forms of poetry, prose, short short stories, and more. read on, if you’d like; and, understand. and, enjoy. thank you.

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2 thoughts on “I’ve been here since birth

  1. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I love this. It’s so raw and simple while dynamically written.

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