Every man has but one emptiness
And you show yourself kind to fill
When you weigh him in your balance
He surrenders to you like a thief

To trust you, he entrusts himself
But you’re a Christian, multifarious
And when you made him one
You make him hate others

Knowing you, we now know Jihad
And in that factory of deceit
You produced orphans, widows and widowers
And tow our shelters away

When we go to meet you
Your sweet tongue collects all we have
And back home you make us sterile
As our wives and children lost faith in us

The few to whom you’re so kind
You give the storehouse of selfishness
And death’s become so generous
Religion you’re so wicked

Inung Joseph is a researcher Poet from Nigeria. He teaches Physiology at LAUTECH.

Instagram: Inung Joseph

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