men rape boys

I know I’m not supposed to bash on you, tearing up the pages and unveiling the scars .
I know this may sound odd and unbelievable but I need you to grab
every single word that comes out from my mouth
Take it and digest it so you can have a taste of my vinegar .
I’m sorry ( beads of tears drops down my eyes )

I know you are disappointed in me
I know you think highly of me
I know you expected me to speak up instead of beating around the bush playing with my friends
I know you expect me to stop eating sands and man up
Boys are men ..I have to be a man
Strong, bold , courageous with no sign of weakness .
Which is why I have let my gong down and picked up my mic today to tell you this

Wait !

Let’s go back to the beginning
I know I’m not supposed to bash on you but he bashed up on me
He gave me the sweetest chocolate
At first I refused because mama said do not take things from strangers
But stranger became friend
Now I love chocolate more than I love my own teeth
I love how it makes my teeth brown
The tingling sensation and upliftment it gives just drives me crazy
Would you share of this chocolate with me 
If you don’t I just have to force you into having a taste cause I was never offered kindly
I was forced
If being asked would I have said no
Maybe I would but no is not an option
Its either yes or yes
So now take a bite from my chocolate
It won’t hurt you I promise
You would love it
This was how it all started
Chocolate is a yes
I have taken my bite

And I have given a bite
I’m sure you would also share the love
I’m sorry
I never planned for my story to go this way
I know you never expected me to be weak and feminine
You expected me to be your rock
Only for me to be turned into a pool of water
That dances and attracts like a magnet
But today I’m spilling the truth
I would no longer be silent
I don’t expect you to believe me
But it is my truth
I’m sorry but men rape boys

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4 thoughts on “men rape boys

  1. Death penalty to all rapists.

  2. Amazing piece of writing

  3. These lines are powerful!

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