The search of a Sweetheart

Insipience of the stars that keep searching through the nights
Wisdom, love or affection residing in the depth of my heart

Driven through the edge my dreams, purple sorrows scream
Scattered emotions on the verge of death start falling apart

But she surely stays still in the remnants of my wounded soul
Lips still kissable,  scent even worthy and her body, work of art

The love in my heart often overpowers the hate that she deserves
In the wilderness of her evil, the heart kept in search of a sweetheart

The equity of norms tend to feed us through culture and traditions
feelings in burning waves of storms, like quivering flames they start

Copyright © 2019  Rana M  All rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “The search of a Sweetheart

  1. Thank you Luna for publishing my poem as a Guest post here.



  2. This is absolutely lovely!

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