International Woman’s Day

Your beauty is more then the eye can see.
Throughout all of history
nor can it be described in poetry
No matter where you are.
Near, far or going around another star.
A companion you are.
You offer the gift of life itself.
With or without wealth.
Even when not in good health.
Your love is great and always true,
You are absolute, beautiful.
You are woman loving and sweet.
Always and forever you will be.

Not much to say about me other than I am the most positive thinking Morbidly dark person ever. I am alive and I don’t want to be, but love being. I am The Strangest of strange…


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6 thoughts on “International Woman’s Day

  1. Thus is so powerful.

  2. People talk more and do less. People keep talking big things about women but doesn’t implement in life. They pass lewd comments, molest them, rape them, etc. Women is still being used for objectification. In movies, advertisements, women is used just an object. This must be stopped, then only we can celebrate true women’s day.

    1. You just completely expressed my own opinion. Well said, thank you so much for this comment!

    2. I couldn’t express this any more than I could, Having seven sisters and being the only boy. Raised by mom’ as dad was out doing his thing. The piece was exactly for this. As I have had the Honor of defending them, Life is not so picture perfect in reality. For the most part my reality.

  3. Very well written! <3

  4. “…Described in poetry” perhaps, but the poem, the expression is beautiful. How to think of women? Well, right here!

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