Live once

I weep and I cry,
But my eyes still feel dry,
I can’t help but look,
As pages fall out of my book.

I have drawn on,
I have shoved away hindrances,
Or so I feel,
But still my heart feels heavy.

What is this inaudible sound?
That my ears seek.
I am lost in the dark.
But it doesn’t feel too bad.

Why do people wail?
Is it because of pain or failure?
If we could make things right,
Would we actually be happy?

Maybe the faults are irresistible.
We had to have them.
We had to do them.
And we should bear them.

You only live once,
And you need not be always righteous.
Sometimes being in the folly helps.
It is what makes lives lively.

Written by Debjyoti Mitra
Instragram account :@tomar_aashar_opekkha 


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5 thoughts on “Live once

  1. Waiting for the next one ❤️

  2. So relatable

  3. Very nice one.

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