Love or hate

The subject to love sometimes can be changed into the subject to hate.
If you love him too passionately without his love, how could you continue to love without any expectations in return?
One-sided love turns into one-sided hate.
Even if you love each other, he might start hating you because your love is too pushy.
Imbalanced love turns into imbalanced hate.
There is only fine line between love and hate.
Love and hate are both strong emotions.
They are passiones.
Are you loving him or hating him?
Are you loved by him or hated by him?


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6 thoughts on “Love or hate

    1. Courage is directly related to “the heart”. No virtue can be accomplished sans “courage”…(attributed to Naya Angelou, Mark Twain, yada yada yada). From the latin ‘cor’ meaning ‘heart’. All things are accomplished via the heart. Much love.

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