I don’t have a fridge in my room anymore!

In my last outfit post I told you all about the work my mom and me have been doing in our apartment and I told you I had a fridge in my room and a bunch of furniture. Well, it’s gone! Finally!

Things are going to get even messier the next week but this weekend I can actually walk to my bed without jumping over something or attaining random bruises from bumping into 6 pieces of furniture all around my room.

I spend most of the morning working like an idiot because we had to clear all of the trash and old furniture from the apartment. I can’t feel my arms and my legs hurt like hell, but it had to be done. My weekend is lazy and party-free again. Also I am incredibly broke so let me tell you about this shirt I thrift shopped a while ago.

Since I am broke and love clothes I have to thriftshop. I just love this skirt because it really shapes my body well, I think it’s really elegant and can be worn in any occasion. The top is from Stradivarius. I actually always felt like I shouldn’t leave the house in it because it kind of looks like lingerie but who gives a crap. I don’t. I really like the outfit and will be posting more this week so make sure to follow me on Instagram at @luna.theblog.  

15 thoughts on “I don’t have a fridge in my room anymore!

  1. Some folks have a coffee maker in their room so a fridge isn’t so strange.

  2. I think the top is really cute and wouldn’t think of it as lingerie if I saw a woman wearing it in public, if that helps!

    1. Thank you! 😀

  3. Wow looking good, I would say fridges are overrated but it’s so jot here at the moment it’s essential lol

  4. You look like a million dollars 💛😎

    1. Thank you 😊

  5. Thrift shopping is awesome and you get a whole lot more bang for your buck!! And you look fabulous 😍

    1. Thank you 😁

  6. Maybe wear a short formal jacket over it and it’ll become a complete outfit. Just a thought. You looks nice though.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion 😊

  7. You look stunning!
    In Sofia there are big summer advertising of the firm where you work! 😂

    1. Calzedonia is evereywhereee haha

  8. It’s an awesome outfit set! You go girl!

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