The second amendment

Bang! That’s hot.
Bang! That’s not.
Hand’s up,
Don’t shoot,
Please stop!

In Las Vergas,
Bullets zing by,
Helpless, they flee,
Gun violence.

Through gun smoke’s gloom,
A preacher recites,
Worship our rights;
Like God and love,
Bibles and guns.

The young, aggrieved,
In blood stained jeans,
Stage a die-in.

March for Our Lives,
The Bill of Rights.

We will sacrifice children at a gun’s altar,
We will use black powder in infant’s formula,
We will lobby all day, and sleep well, through the night,
We will not infringe, blessed be, The Second Amendment.

By: Paul Lillie


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4 thoughts on “The second amendment

  1. That was really powerful!

  2. Well Said Anand Bose from Kerala

  3. Thank you!

  4. Wow very well written. Powerful and shaming. I loved it.

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