The Liar

He opens his mouth, the truth at the tip of his tongue,
But when he speaks, only deceit comes forth.
He hadn’t always been like this though;
At first, it was a way of getting out of tough situations,
His mother’s spanking, a schoolteacher’s punishment,
Even a difficult conversation with a girlfriend.
It all seemed to work out in the end
No one got hurt, no one was disappointe
Everyone was happy.

However, as he grew older, and situations became tougher,
He never stopped.
He continued to weave his web of treachery until he became a master;
So perfectly skilled that not even the most perceptive of minds could sniff out his lies.
It became his very nature; lying to get everything and anything,
Food, money, information, a night in a woman’s arms.
And he got it all.

Soon enough he began to lose his reality, to the people he lied to
He became a chameleon of sorts, twisting lies every now and then to fit different people’s realities
Until he couldn’t even remember his own truths;
A slave to his own web of lies.
His intricately stitched lies also begun to lose thread
And once in a while he couldn’t remember the lies he told
He began to hesitate more often, and scratch his head for memory;
Alas, he was found out!
Eyebrows were raised, tongues were clicked, hearts were broken,
And his relationships began to crumble
All his truths, few though they were, became questionable;
So that everything he now says is second-guessed or dismissed
He is still dearly loved, but he will never be believed.
Never again.

My name is Kia Martina and I’m a veternary student who has a passion for writing to transform lives. Feel free to check out my blog;


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  1. Thanks for sharing Kia’s wonderful work.

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